Red Door Saloon

When tourists come to town, most of them want to know where the locals go. Well that is one of those a places – a true Dive Bar. Amazing atmosphere, with none of the usual tourist ambiance. This is where locals go to enjoy a drink and see friends. A conversation here will not rob you of your voice the next day. Bartenders are great and will not skimp on the alcohol. Please have a ride lined up after that. Red Taxi will be happy to take you to your destination safe and on budget. Do not overdress as you may look out of place here. Overall most of the time the patrons are easy going and friendly, so if you’re not having a good time … may be it is You. The bar is close to other five other hot spots in the area, so if you are in for a Bar Crawl just start here and end here! Even if it is a slow night everywhere else, chances are Red Door will still have a good crowd.