The Spirit of Italy can be found on the Emerald Coast! Tuscany will immerse you in a genuine Italian Country Side Villa, where the fine dining experience is complete! From the building to the décor, to the genuine food being served, even down to the wait staff, You will feel the Spirit of the Old Country. Prepare yourself for a very different Italian food! Delicious Pasta Pizza and Lasagna will satisfy your cravings and leave you regretting you cannot continue the feast….. The wine list is impressive and if you feel confused ask away. The staff is knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction. Tuscany is a favorite place for so many patrons to host weddings, rehearsal dinners or another special occasion. Chef Gugliemo is almost always there, ready to explain the way he prepares the food with a passion of a true artist. The location is perfect, with a quick access to Highway 98, especially if you are on the east Edge of Destin.

When tourists come to town, most of them want to know where the locals go. Well that is one of those a places – a true Dive Bar. Amazing atmosphere, with none of the usual tourist ambiance. This is where locals go to enjoy a drink and see friends. A conversation here will not rob you of your voice the next day. Bartenders are great and will not skimp on the alcohol. Please have a ride lined up after that. Red Taxi will be happy to take you to your destination safe and on budget. Do not overdress as you may look out of place here. Overall most of the time the patrons are easy going and friendly, so if you’re not having a good time … may be it is You. The bar is close to other five other hot spots in the area, so if you are in for a Bar Crawl just start here and end here! Even if it is a slow night everywhere else, chances are Red Door will still have a good crowd.

McGuire’s is an amazing place. I cannot call it only a Restaurant or a Bar – it is more than that…. I consider it a night time attraction where you go to eat good food and have great fun with friends, or meet new friends. The Bean Soup could cost you $0.18 or $18.00, ask the server why. The food here is without any compromise. I know sometimes people have different views and tastes, but it is no accident so many people are happy with the feeling McGuire’s lays on their taste buds. Entertainment and atmosphere do not lack. There is a live band most nights and people you meet here are as cool as You. The only think I do not like about this place is the wait times, but with a little planning you could avoid it. If you plan on tasting their drinks, (and you have to) please be advised they are strong and will knock you out before you know it. For this reason please be safe and have Designated Driver or a Reliable Destin Taxi on speed dial. Red Taxi will be happy to drive you in that case. The McGuire’s annual Saint Patrick’s 5K […]

Since 1984, Aj’s is the place for fun in Destin! The restaurant and bar downstairs will satisfy your every craving for Seafood. From fresh ice cold Oysters to Squid or Snapper. This is one of the few places where you can bring your own Catch and the cooks will be happy to prepare it for you. The highlight of the day is when the Fishing Boats roll in to the Harbor with their daily bounty of Sea Delicatessen. The menu will tempt you with variety and tasty names and the staff is Always very friendly. It is amazing to enjoy the view and feel the breeze, while tasting a drink with great people around you! The Bimini Bar upstairs has great drink specials, live music from a variety of bands and guaranteed fun atmosphere. It is truly amazing how this place has been the number one choice for locals and tourists alike for so many years! Experience it yourself. Don’t forget to get your souvenir from their shop. They have some clever t-shirts, cups and cozies.